Celebrity Voice Coach

Private Vocal Rate and Packages

Private Vocal Coaching Lessons

Monday through Friday - 


Limited weekend hours. 

55 minutes
45 minutes
30 minutes 
Please email for information on current rates subject to availability.

Also available in Skype Lessons same rate. 

Songwriter Circle Monthly

Once a month for a 3 hour session
minimum 3-6 people 

$100 per person 

Songwriting Lessons

60 minutes $85.00
45 minutes $70.00
30 minutes $50.00

Monthly Group Singing Lessons 

Minimum group of 3-6 people 
 2 hour session 
$ 85.00 per person 
Larger group of 7- 10 people 
$65 per person

Celebrity Voice Coach Extra Services 

Ep recording and 

artist consulting available, email for rates.

Artist development 

consulting available, 

rates upon request. 

Vocal Production Studio Rates 
(Rates subject to distance) 

Email for rates on projects and singles.